Author Crystal Alexis 2015 Queen of Literature

Lies Karma And Crossing The Wrong Chick

Chicago's motorcycle club scene takes Friday Night Lights to a whole new level, and when Busas and Harleys roll up against GSX-R's and Ducati's, there's gonna be more than rubber left in the smoke.The Double O Boys are the most thorough dudes on the Chicago scene, and Double O, their president, is that hot boy on tongues all over town. Dudes want to be him, and chicks want to be with him. He gets much respect and an endless supply of the baddest chicks, but he's finally ready to leave it all behind for that one special lady. The only problem is, it's a little too late. Will his next ride be his last when old debts come due?The Strawberritas Club has some of the hottest and freakiest chicks on the bike club scene, and with Strawberry Letter sitting on her throne, their lips and hips keep all the dudes coming back for more. She's a diamond in the rough, but she's got a hidden agenda a mile long, and with lies, cheating, and deceit as her secret weapons, Strawberry plans to unleash a treacherous karma on everyone in her path.Revenge is a dish best served cold-blooded, and once a dark cloud of karma rolls in, the Chicago motorcycle club scene will never be the same. Just how many bodies will drop once the king and queen unleash their fury? Hop on your twos, and let's roll out for a set night that you won’t soon forget..